Viking smash


The dynamic Duo of Thor and the Vikings has come to an explosive conclusion in Viking Smash! The two warring factions face off on the field in Viking Smash, where each clan has not chosen the ideal day to settle their scores. Instead of celebrating their victory in the customary manner, they are consumed by rage as they struggle to break free from the control of each other's unique weapons. As their fates are torn apart, the two warriors must face the ultimate danger – a devastating attack from within the enemies' hideout!

With a unique and all-new gambling strategy, Viking Smash now offers players the chance to add some drama and skill to their favorite casino game. Take advantage of this free slot game and put your wits and strategies to the test against the computer in an effort to conquer all three levels and win the game. The two-minute timer will ensure that you get just enough time to plan your next move before the game ends, so planning your strategy well is essential. You can play up to four players at a time, so don't be concerned if you can't find an opponent to compete with at the same time! If you win a fight, you can switch teams, and the game will continue to play out until someone reaches three coins or there is one last Viking standing.

This all-new version of Viking smash takes a fresh look at classic gaming concepts and utilizes new features to create a fast-paced, action-packed game that leaves you craving for more. The game features a nine-round battle arena with randomly generated symbols which gradually change each time you enter it. To win, you must hit all of the symbols you see, and if you do, you are declared the winner. You can switch teams mid-game, but there is only one win condition: hit all of the symbols. In addition to the single and multi-player game modes, you can also take on the computer in the FFA mode, and the developers have also included a tutorial mode, which explains the rules and how the game works. Viking Smashing is coming to iPhone and iPad later this year!