Sea god


The Sea God is a very fun and challenging online slot machine. This casino game is based on a very old cartoon theme. In the cartoon, a sea god falls in love with an enormous fish who is highly intelligent and a powerful swimmer. The fish easily conquers all the lands surrounding it and also gains near control over the ocean itself. The Sea God must defeat all the enemies, defeat the boss and return to the underwater city of Poseid where his new bride awaits.

This casino slot game has a manual which explains the complete set up of the machine as well as how to play. In this slot machine, the winning combination consists of three of the same symbols that have already been used during the game and any other symbols are for the playing team only. The pay window includes 11 regular icons which are depicted by the sea god himself, an advanced Merman, two trident icons and a mermaid symbol.

The lower pay window includes seven regular icons depicting sea creatures which include a dolphin, pelicans and two turtles. In the winning combination, two icons must be repeated by either team. To win, the player has to put all his coins in the pot in the same way as he would do in a regular slot machine. The icons that count are the Sea God icon and the winning icon. Winning requires that you put at least one coin in your pot and then use the key combination that the Sea God displays in his bonus flash as indicated on the bonus flash screen.