Joker wild blaster


The latest release from the Dutch designer Stakelogic, Joker Wild Blaster, is now available to download for mobile devices through Apple ios and Android. With four intense fighters at your fingertips, Joker is an incredible blast from your past with brand new high-quality gameplay, exciting icons, exciting, free plays, and incredible jackpots. This casino game offers users the chance to take on the role of either the villainous Freeze or the superhero Captain Jack Sparrow. Each of these awesome-looking heroes has his own unique set of features as well as weapons and vehicles. It takes you on a journey across the world of Joker Wild Blaster in search of rare artifacts as you fight to be the master of Gotham City.

For users that enjoy playing classic slots games but are looking for a different twist on the theme, this is definitely the slot machine for you. If you love the concept of re-creation of famous casino game rooms but you've always felt like they were too ” arcade “style” for your taste, this is definitely the one for you. The innovative and colorful artwork will surely capture your attention and excite you as you strive to reach the jackpot. You are sure to feel as if you're transported back in time as you enjoy the thrill of playing one of the newest slots games on the market-Joker Wild Blaster!

With several highly popular characters and exciting game play, this is sure to be a huge hit for everyone who loves classic casino games. Not only does the game look amazing, it's jam packed with pure action and excitement as you attempt to win huge jackpots all while putting yourself in the best possible position to be the first player to crack the nut. If you're looking for a unique experience with a great payout, then you've found it with the newest release in the Joker Wild Blaster series! Enjoy!