Candy links bonanza


The Candy Links Bonanza is a casino game based on the hit television show of the same name. The game is designed as an interactive link game between online slot machines and video games. It is available for free online in flash format and supports several popular casino game play modes including single-player, multi-player, head-to-head, and head-to-face. It is a highly recommended slot machine game that can also be played by connecting a wireless internet device to the computer through which the slot machines and other casino games are played.

The Candy Links Bonanza slot machine is based on the television show of the same name which is aired on Nickelodeon. In this slot game, the player will play against a group of three other players – two of whom are human players and one who is a machine. The game's interactive gameplay features a free spinning wheel feature, and multiple free spins with various multipliers. You can win up to 8,000x your initial bet on this exciting online game, and you can also win additional jackpots after you've won the initial bet.

You can use a combination of up to five icons in your wagering range while playing in the free spinning candy links bonanza game. You can use icons like hearts, dashes, stars, circles, squares and ovals. Once you have aligned yourself with a group of three symbols, the three other players can then place their symbols where you have indicated. The symbols shift in a random direction depending on the direction they are placed in when drawn. A winning bet can then be made if your symbols match those in the playing window.